Welcome to stratford tkd



About Stratford-TKD 

Stratford club was started in 1990 by it's still current instructor Master John Archer - who is a 7th Degree Black Belt. 

Stratford TKD has produced many champions over the years but most importantly, it produces courteous and respectful people.


Who can do Taekwon-Do ?

Taekwon Do is suitable for men, women and children of all levels of fitness. If you visit one of our clubs, you will see people of both sexes from different generations training together. In particular, it is wonderful to see the amount of children that take up martial arts and in a number of cases with their parents learning, bonding and growing together.

The first advantage of a well run club is the respect and self-discipline it teaches the students, especially children. We all love to think that our children are well behaved but it easy to come under the wrong influences in life and Taekwon-Do is an excellent way to counteract this.
Taekwon-Do will help you feel more self confident and have a strong mental attitude and is what sets it apart from many other types of sport. Participants will be focused and competitive in life as the grading system that’s in place helps them to stay motivated and see advancement and improvement.